NB’s Diary – Sorry guys, no post today (sort of)

My people, unfortunately, I don’t have the energy to make my regular diary post and post the next installment of Broken by Love. I tried to rest today but turns out my body has found the little I did quite tasking. Therefore, I must keep this short and promise to make it up to you when I’m back to full capacity.
NB out.

NB’s Diary – Drama in blogsville

My people, I have carried last o! I was trying to make my blog rounds this evening and didn’t even get past the first one before I started seeing comments referring to some drama that took place yesterday. I had to start reading one by one to get the full gist and omo mehnnn, my ears are full. Some blogsville ladies are pretty wound up and justifiably pissed off and I as a man am very very disappointed in some of my fellow men. I’m going to have to post something soon on the topic of why being born male does not make one a man. Let me just leave this here though, MANHOOD IS EARNED NOT GIVEN. The day we all get that into our heads, the would will become a better place and there will me many many more happy women on the planet. I won’t go into the details of the drama but if you want to know what happened, head over to TTT and find out. You many have to read a couple of posts and their comments to catch up. Before I move on to another topic, let me add this, PLEASE MY BROTHERS, SOME OF US ARE LOOKING FOR WIFE, STOP RUINING OUR CHANCES BY ACTING THE DAMNED FOOL ALL THE TIME!!! How can women trust us when half (conservative estimate) of the brothers they meet are acting like boys.
Moving on, today has been hectic, between the brick layer, plumber and carpenter, I’ve done enough haggling and shouting to last me a lifetime. It will soon be over (for now) sha. Can’t wait to get things up and running finally. Tomorrow promises to be even more hectic with a trip to the Corporate Affairs Commission and the tax office planned. 
Going to keep it short today. My brain is feeling tired. I stop depriving it of sleep tonight *swallows lexotan*. Sleep must come at all costs. Maybe I should change my moniker to Insomniac Bachelor.
As always, it’s been fun. NB out! 

NB’s Diary – Because I must post

My people, it’s been an uneventful day. Spent most of it doing research for a proposal and talking to plumbers, bricklayers, electricians and carpenters. Negotiating with these artisans is an entertaining process. Some of the things they say are downright hilarious. That’s how one tried to blow grammar for me in the name of he went to school. I had to beg him to speak Yoruba, mine isn’t very good but at least I can manage a conversation, please don’t wound my ears with “english”.

Arsenal wee not kee me. Yes, I am an arsenal fan. I will be the first to acknowledge that it’s not always fun to support this team. Here I am watching a match and we’re leading but I live in fear that these boys can get brain touch at any moment and implode.
I’ve been reading so many awesome blogs over the last few days. I’m not new to blogsville but I’ve been away for some time and it’s great to that so many people have stayed faithful to their blogs. Sadly though, some of my favorites have not been updated in a while.
Eh hen, my people, abeg how we dey do vals day na? As bae no dey and the one wey we dey try val don clear us say make we no try am. Thank God she gave me the firm rejection before I spent all that money planning a romantic getaway. The search for bae continue (Note: I am not asking for hook ups). Anyway, I still feel like giving myself a treat that day. Anyone without a bae who still feels like hanging out should feel free to join me and a location that will be announced later. It will be in Ibadan though.
I need to end this post and concentrate on this match now abeg. NB out!

NB’s Diary – Mondays are awesome aren’t they?

I know it may sound ludicrous to some of you but I absolutely LOVE Mondays. It never used to be like that though. Throughout my 2-3 years of full time paid employment, Mondays were dreadful. Putting on a white shirt and tie and cramming myself into a business suit because I needed to go and make money for someone else was not the most fun thing to do. Today, I run my own consulting firm and make it a mission to do what I love doing. Making money while doing it is the amazing icing on the cake.

You see, I have a passion for seeing small businesses grow and succeed. I became a consultant for that purpose. I read a post on Imperfectly Perfect Lives today and it basically asked me what burns within me. Well, now you all know the answer to that question. Passion burns within me, passion to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into enterprises that can contribute positively to the growth of our economy. Passion to see myself and people I’ve done business with on a Forbes list. It’s this passion that makes me love Mondays so much. Mondays represent a new opportunity to reconnect with all the people who have taken a two day break from growing their business, an opportunity for me to share everything I’ve learned over the weekend through research. I also work weekends which is something I never did or wanted to do before I became and entrepreneur.
Passion is why I do what I do and passion is why I love it. Passion is what gets me up in the morning and passion is what keeps me going when tough projects or clients come along. That passion stems from the purpose for which God created me. I must be very difficult to be passionate about something that doesn’t have a direct link to your purpose in life. So if you have been struggling to be passionate about what you do then I’m pretty sure you haven’t identified your purpose. That’s my lesson for the day and now I’ve passed it on.
On another note, I designed the fliers, sign boards and banners for my new venture today. I’m so glad I decided to pick up some graphic design skills. You have no idea how much money I’ve saved by designing everything myself. Anyway, I’m always super excited when a new venture starts coming together after months/years of planning. Contractors start coming in tomorrow to set up the shop and I’ll be talking to suppliers soon after that. AWESOME stuff. I’ll soon have another source of income which is good because let’s face it, people in this country don’t usually see the need for a consultant until they’ve made a mess of everything. Then when they do eventually call us in, they expect us to work miracles on a shoe string budget. I sucks but hey, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.
As always, it’s been fun updating le blog. NB out!

NB’s Diary – FeBuhari 14th cancelled, vals day back on.

My people, I was both excited and sad yesterday when I heard the news that the elections have been postponed. On the one hand, INEC now has no excuse for not transferring my PVC from Lagos to Ibadan. After all, they’ve been handed another 6 weeks to get all affairs in order. On the second hand, now I have no excuse for not performing my duties on the 14th. Activities were meant to be postponed now this man has got less than a week to put together a package all the way in waffi land and not just sending gifts but actually showing up there. It is well with my bank account.
While we’re on the subject of gifts, abeg who knows where I can find waist trainer? I honestly don’t know why this item has become so popular all of a sudden. It’s basically just a corset as far as I can tell. Something 18th century women used to wear for whatever reason? I have one question though, when this thing compresses the waist, where do all the displaced organs go and how do they breathe? Anyway, abeg help me find waist trainer so that I can be an awesome boo on the 14th.
I had to chase an evangelist (I won’t name denominations) from my doorstep. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing but love for God’s foot soldiers. That is until they show up at my doorstep today, call me tomorrow and show up again the day after that bringing me strange “bibles” and inviting me to your church, even after you know that I not only have a home church but I’m also a member of the workforce. Funny thing is I happen to be the only believer in my compound and this so called evangelist ignored all the others and focused on me.
I should have waited till later to post this, maybe then I would have had more to say. This will have to do for today though. Maybe part 4 of Broken by Love will come out later today. Dele’s world is collapsing around him all because of love (if you can call it that). Till then… NB out!

NB’s Diary – Why I Will Never Force The Marriage Issue

My people, I hail o. I wasn’t planning on posting today but I just read a couple of posts on Imperfectly Perfect Lives. You can read them HERE and HERE.┬áThe short gist goes like this… A young lady develops a close friendship with a guy who has been dating someone for years, she realises they have feelings for each other and struggles to end the friendship even though she has heard clearly from God that she needs to cut ties with him. She eventually listens to God and moves on. However, before she moved on, she had advised him to speak to and hear God before getting married to his fiance. She had apparently displayed some personality traits which would definitely become major issues in the future.
He went ahead and married her even though God had not given him peace about his decision. To cut a long story short, she found out a few days ago that he had been killed by his wife, stabbed through the throat during one of her violent episodes. He had known about her horrible temper and had been praying about it but he went ahead and married her without getting a “yes” from God. The lady who wrote those articles, listened to God and maybe, just maybe, by doing so, she escaped getting attacked by a jealous fiance with a raging temper. Her friend on the other hand, did not listen and now everything that could go wrong has. I pray that God will comfort those he left behind.
I am not even close to being a very spiritual person but I have learned to know when God is speaking to me and everytime I have disobeyed, thing have always gone south. I remember the first time I “fell in love” with a girl. I had all the warning signs and I turned a blind eye to them. God warned me several times and I simply refused to listen. I am still recovering from the emotional and spiritual damage that relationship did to me till today. Thank God I finally obeyed before it was too late. To be honest, I still tried to get back together with her a couple of years later (being the obstinate child of God I am), but God slammed that door even before it opened and this time, I knew better than to force it open.
After learning my lesson the hard way and reading stories like the one I talked about earlier, I have decided that marriage cannot be forced. I cannot and will not allow myself to be pressured into taking the plunge. My marriage won’t be without its ups and downs but if I am with the one God has chosen for me, the downs will never lead to tragic consequences. Going by my original plans, my moniker would have been Naija Husband (yeah I know it’s taken already… just saying) but I have learned to wait on God and His right time.
I want to end by sharing something I learned from reading THIS POST on Worship & Swag yesterday. Faith cannot be divorced from patience. I have faith that God will give me the perfect wife for me and I am patient enough to wait.
Now that I’m done preaching, I can go back to being a schizophrenic bachelor. Naija Bachelor out!
N.B. Go and read the Broken by Love series. You can find the first three parts HERE, HERE and HERE.

NB’s Diary – More MoiMoi and the IB Nightlife

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My people, I say good evening to you. It’s Friday, thank God for that. This week flew by in a blur though. Meetings, fund raising, project management, and all the other awesome stuff I do. This time, I’m overseeing the birth of a new subsidiary of my own company. It’s tedious work but I love it. I’ve grown extremely fond of and attached to my work. It’s what keeps me going when the weight of life starts to sit heavy on my shoulders.
I tried making moi again today and the end product was awesome. A bit more seasoning and better consistency of the batter did the trick. I may not be an awesome cook but the day my future wife decides not to cook, she’s on her own. 

I have been told that next weekend may not be the best time to travel to the south-south (there go my day after valentine’s day plans). The question I had to ask myself is, if I uncle Jona loses and Tompolo and co make good on my threat, would visiting the woman have been worth it? Thank God booski understands and has agreed to celebrate our own valentine’s day after the elections. 
I should go out tonight. Ibadan nightlife may have nothing on that of Lagos but there is a nightlife non the less. The average nightclub/lounge in Ibadan empties out around the same time those in Lagos start getting crowded. There’s drinking to be done and ladies to flirt with so I’ll have to bid you goodbye for now. Naija Bachelor out!
N.B. Expect part three of Broken by Love soon. Maybe even tonight.