Keeping Baby Girl Safe

Keeping Baby Girl Safe
There was never a moment when I stepped out with Baby Girl to a party and regretted it. We had nothing but good times. But whenever we hit the town, I felt an extra amount of pressure to be aware of our surroundings at all times and keep her out of any uncomfortable situations.
This was not because of how she acts. Anyone who has been around her knows she doesn’t call attention to herself. This comes with the territory of being a man. (By the way, Baby Girl is an ex girlfriend who happens to be the most physically attractive girl I’ve ever dated. People always wondered how I snagged her and to be honest, I saw her as being wayyy out of my league for the longest time)
From the days I was a young boy with an even younger sister to look out for, I have understood it as my duty to always be on notice when out with a woman. My cues came from watching my mom and dad walk alongside each other in public spaces. Even if they had just been arguing with each other, once out in the world, around others dad always stayed close to my mother, allowing very little space between him and her and sending a clear message to any man who may have been staring at her from afar.
Now I find myself doing the same thing with any girl I date and with good reason.

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