Hi and welcome to 9jaDad, Diary of a First Time Father, Loving Husband and Awesome Agripreneur.

Some of you know me by a different name. You see, I started blogging as Naija Bachelor in 2015 but since I am no longer single but married and a parent, I had to drop the name and move the blog. Putting down in words, my experiences (some sad, some hilarious) helped in my journey towards finding love and transitioning from bachelor to family man. In the blink of an eye, Naija Bachelor metamorphosed into 9jaDad and my story continues. I have no idea what lies ahead of me in my journey as husband and father but there are bound to be exciting times, memories and experiences that will be worth sharing here. Who knows, I may just help another bachelor see that being a family man isn’t as scary as most people seem to think.

I will also be talking a lot about my business/passion. What I do is an important part of my life and so I cannot share bits and pieces of my life with you and not talk about it.

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