Police, Marriage, Baby & Edible Gardens

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning”

“It’s nice to meet you sir”

“It’s not nice to meet you o!”

“Haba sir, I’m only being polite”

“Then why are you people hiding in koro koro (secluded corner) like you’re looking for victims to pounce on?”

“It’s not like that sir”

“Sure seems  like it to me. Imagine if it was you that rounded a corner only to be accosted by gun-toting men asking you to park well. What would you think?”

“You have a point sir”

“Anyway, you want to see my vehicle particulars abi?”

“Yes sir”

“Well, since you’ve already wasted my time, I might as well humor you. Here you go”

“Thank you sir. (Quickly flips through documents). Here you go sir. Have a nice day”

“Thank you. And stop hiding around corners! It’s bad behavior”

The preceding conversation took place between myself and a police officer today on my way back to Ring Road via Iyaganku GRA. I don’t know what got into my head but I was on the phone with a business partner when I was rudely interrupted by this guy asking me to pull over (don’t worry, the phone was on speaker and connected to my car stereo so I was being safe). I actually kept the officer waiting while I finished up my phone call. I think the fact that I had the audacity to tell him to hold on till I finished my call took him by surprise and so he decided to play it safe and be as polite as possible.

I hate the way Nigerian police just feel they have the right to just delay one’s trip with unnecessary checkpoint stops. Especially when they start flipping through your documents like they actually know what they are looking at. The worst part is when they now go ahead and find some ridiculous issue to point out like the date being written American style instead of British style. Anyway, I decided to play along and politely scold him and his colleagues for acting like criminals and taking unsuspecting drivers by surprise. Luckily, the guy had enough sense to simply give me back my papers and let me go instead of trying to make trouble. For some reason I was itching for someone to sink my claws into and he would have been the perfect scapegoat. Of course, the fact that I knew my vehicle documents were all up to date was a confidence boost.

Enough of that story though. What’s good people? It’s been a minute since my last post.

The last time you guys heard from me, I was getting ready to tie the knot. That was a little over five months ago so quite a bit has happened between then and now. Marriage has been a blessing no doubt but mehn, it is not beans. I got married at a time when the economy was getting ready to take a nose dive. Imagine my horror when I realized that money my wife and I budgeted for our coming child had lost almost half it’s value and could only purchase a fraction of the items we needed for the baby. God somehow made a way though.

My wife and I are now the proud parents of a healthy and beautiful baby boy. My joy knows no bound whenever I look at him and imagine they euphoria the first time he smiled at me. He tends to be quite serious a lot of the time so the smile was priceless. It was made even better by the fact that the smile meant he was no longer scared of me. For some reason he would burst into tears and start bawling his eyes out anytime I carried him. I must confess that it really hurt whenever that happened. I’d have to hand him over to his mother and he’d stop crying immediately she took him from me. It was hard but I just kept trying and now he loves to fall asleep on my chest. My phone is full of pictures and videos that I will one day use to embarrass him when he’s claiming manhood.

Business is starting to pick up once more. Thank God for the renewed focus on agriculture within the country. A lot of people don’t realize how bountiful the opportunities are. You don’t have to own a farm to get a piece of the action. Think about how much money you could save if all you practiced was edible gardening. Growing you own vegetables and tomatoes can save you thousands of naira. Seeds are cheap and an edible garden doesn’t require too much labor once planting is done. I for one went through a rough patch a couple of months ago that would have been a lot worse if I didn’t have a garden. I fed my family for a two weeks without having to go to the market once.

So… to round things up, my life has changed dramatically over the last few months and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Needless to say, the tone of my posts will probably change a bit too. I don’t really know which direction to take the blog from here but the inspiration will come to me eventually.



Author: 9jaDad

First time father, loving husband and awesome agripreneur

6 thoughts on “Police, Marriage, Baby & Edible Gardens”

  1. Congratulations on your bundle of joy, may he continue to be a source of laughter and joy to the family.

    Nigerian police we all hate them, yet can’t do without them…I should start looking at edible gardening oh. i remember my cousin was growing one as an agric studies practical back in high school and it was really good for us.

    Labyrinths of Lahrah


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’ve obviously not been keeping up cos I didn’t know you got married *hides face* And now a baby too! That’s fantastic news and I pray God’s blessings over your family.

    As for police checkpoints, that is something I definitely don’t miss about Nigeria. At least that one had the sense to leave you be.

    And to your point about agriculture I remember talking about it waaaaaaay back when, about it being a viable business opportunity. Sadly I’m not all that entrepreneurial so my ideas just stayed in my head.

    Welcome back.

    7 Things I Miss About Nigeria


  3. It’s good to have you back! Welcome.
    Congrats on your new baby!! I can imagine the feeling.

    I also feel hurt when I carried a baby and the baby starts crying. You know they say babies have a sixth sense so it used to make me wonder what deep fact is this baby picking about me to make him or her cry. Lol.

    Growing up we had a large farm. We grew almost everything. It saved my family a lot of money. Sadly we don’t have such space at the moment.

    And I like that your new space is on wordpress.



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