NB’s Diary: I’m Back! Again!

Yeah I know it’s been a minute and I hope y’all missed me as much as I missed you. I just needed some alone time. The kind where it was just me and God for a couple of weeks. Let’s just say I was on my own version of the mountain for a bit. Before I continue, I need to say a big thank you to Atilola, Vivian, NaijaSingleGirl, Olasibo, Certified Son of God and so many others for reaching out when they noticed my disappearance.

I was looking through my posts today and realized that the Naija Bachelor blog was birthed in the very month one year ago. Wow! Despite the fact that I went missing for several months in-between, it feels like I’ve been doing this a lot longer than a year. I considered abandoning the blog at some point and actually did for a while but I kept getting messages from people who were constantly checking the blog for a new post. I was amazed by the fact and had no idea that so many people were reading my posts and it was all the encouragement I needed to resume. In short, it’s been a wonderful experience and it has been awesome having an outlet through which I can freely express myself.  Thanks guys.

On another note, I have got some major news! I have been Naija Bachelor for a year and I plan on keeping the blog alive but NB is going to be leaving the Brotherhood of Bachelors in a few weeks. Yes you read it right. I am getting married, I am putting a ring on it. I’m sure some of your are wondering how in the world I went from no relationship to married man in basically no time at all. You can close your mouth now, I will tell you how it happened in a minute.

You see, I dated this girl for a while last year and though she wasn’t my regular type, I was really into her for a while until commitment phobia set in. Now at the time, I would never have thought of myself as having a fear of commitment but after several recent counseling sessions and “My God and I” retreat, I have come to the realization that I have had a hand in ruining my last few relationships just because I didn’t want to give my all and risk having it thrown back in my face. There is a root reason for that somewhere but I won’t get into that today. Anyway, this lady was really keen on marriage and what did I do? I ran for the hills and declared to the whole of blogsville that I was once again single. It was also at that point that God convicted me concerning sexual immorality. I came back to Lagos shortly after and threw myself into the “celibate until marriage” lifestyle.

Little did I know that my commitment had come too late. My wife-to-be was already pregnant. The day I found out, it came a complete shock and I felt like my world was crashing around me. I had even entered another relationship at the time and even though she was supportive, the relationship didn’t survive a battle of that nature. I admit that I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. I was angry at myself, then I was angry at my wife and then angry at the rest of the world. This was not how I planned to start a family and now I was being pressured to “do the tight thing” and get married. I was having none of it and I let everyone know that they were preaching to the choir.

You should have seen the looks of relief that went round when I finally emerged from my seclusion to announce that I would be getting married. My family knows that the only person that can make me do anything is me. Try to force me when I am not convinced always leads to trouble. There was a time in my life when my parents had no idea where I was for two years because I just had to do things my own way.

It took a lot of prayer, fasting and crying to  God to bring me to this point but now I was personally convinced that this is the path to take. I made a trip to Ibadan, met with her and we settled our differences. I am honestly amazed at how forgiving and supportive she and her family have been because trust me when I say I said and did some stupid things in the space of a few days. Things that I would be kicking someone’s ass for if they were done to me or my daughter.

So there you have it. I am about to become a husband and a father in the blink of an eye. A new chapter in a life filled with lots of crazy experiences. I am finally settling down after running from this for God knows how long. I am only 33 but I feel like I have been through enough in this life to make me feel like I’m well over 50. Only God could have brought me this far and now He’s taking me on a new journey. I’m scared and excited at the same time and strange as it may seem, I feel really good right now.

Before you ask, let me say that I know that pregnancy is not enough reason to marry (at least that’s the belief in our generation, try telling my father that). I am not getting married because of my unborn child. I am marrying because it is my personal conviction that it is the right decision. I admit that seeing the baby bump helped to convince me though. Seeing my wife-to-be carrying my unborn child just melted all the hardness away from my heart.

On an unrelated note, It’s almost 4am and I am busy blogging when I have a 7:30am appointment. God help me.

Till next time.




Author: 9jaDad

First time father, loving husband and awesome agripreneur

11 thoughts on “NB’s Diary: I’m Back! Again!”

  1. Ehen, naijasinglegirl was looking for you. Apparently, people reported they didn’t know your e-whereabouts, so she sent out an e-search party…. lol


  2. OMG!!! Congratulations man! Oh, we’re having a babyyyyy 😀

    I didn’t even realise you were awol seeing as I’ve been awol myself for a bit.

    And welcome back to Ibadan lool


    1. Thanks. I’m glad to be back blogging even though planning is taking up so much time that I haven’t been able to post in a while.


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