It has come to my attention that I have not posted anything anything about my love life, past, present and future, in a while and so it is time for another dating related episode of NB’s Diary. Brought to you by “Bae: Successfully seized before 2015 ended.” Yes folks, you read it right. NB is taken and that is all you will get out of me for now.

So I came here today to tell you about a girl I went on two dates with back in the days when I was still meeting the “not so mentally stable” ones. The kind we saw in the movie “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”.

So I met this girl through a friend of a friend. Let’s call her name Gina. I added her on BBM after she gave her friend permission to give it to me. We chatted on and off for a bit and then agreed to meet. We went out a couple of times and she ended up spending the night at my place the second time. I was having a great time with her so far but that was when the crazy started.

I was running my own business at the time and was scheduled to go out of town the next week to be back sometime during the weekend. I let her know this because she was already making plans to come and spend the whole weekend at my place but I wasn’t sure if I would be back before Sunday. Simple right? No not simple. I started receiving calls every hour and if I didn’t pick up or return the calls immediately, I started getting messages like “why are you ignoring me?”, or “I thought you said you liked me”. Keep in mind that I was in Abuja and I was part of a team that was facilitating a company retreat. How was I supposed to answer a call every hour while I was working?

The next thing I knew, I received a call from a strange number on Tuesday evening. Can’t remember the girl’s name but she was supposedly calling to find out about my business planning services. I naturally asked her how she heard about me and she said my friend had given her my number. I pressed her for the friend’s name and she said Yinka. “Which of the Yinkas”, I asked. “Yinka na! Don’t you know Yinka again?” At the time I knew two Yinkas, the first was much older and a GM at General Electric so I knew that was not the “Yinka na” she was referring to and the second had no idea what I was doing for living at the time because we had not been in touch since we graduated.

My mind was throwing up red flags with every sentence and she kept insisting on knowing if I was in town so we could meet. I wondered why she would automatically assume I might not be in town and then it hit me that this was a test. I immediately asked her to put Gina on the phone and she hung up. I then called Gina’s number and she was obviously making an effort to sound innocent when she picked up. I confronted her with what had happened and then she went off on me talking about how she was sure I had another woman with me at the hotel and she didn’t trust me and felt I was lying to her about being out of town and so on and so forth.

I later found out from my flatmate that she even showed up at the house unannounced on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both times she insisted on going into my room to check if I was in there. At that point I knew I had hooked up with a disturbed person and needed to get out fast. I was not going to wait till someone tried to stab me in my sleep. I called her and asked her to kindly lose my number and as I would no longer be in touch. I could not deal with that level of insecurity. What she did next really scared me. After saying what I had to say, she calmly pretended like she didn’t hear any of it and said “I’ll see you when you get back on Sunday baby” and she even added that she would be waiting for me with something sexy on.

Lucky for me, we were done with our business in Abuja on Saturday morning and I hopped on the next flight to Lagos. As soon as I got in, I had the apartment locks changed and instructed the gate man not to let Gina in if she came around. True to her word, she showed up on Sunday morning to prepare for my arrival and all hell broke loose. That was the day every one on the street knew that Naija Bachelor was their neighbor. Shouts of “I knew you were lying! You were never in Abuja! Now I have caught you! I thought you liked me! Why did you lie to me?” loud enough for the entire street to hear. To save face I had to eventually let her into the compound but not into the house. This was not joke o. The police eventually arrived after a neighbor called them and despite all pleas for her to calm down and go home, she was still irate and ranting. They eventually had to cart her away and drop her at the bus stop.

Over the next few weeks, I got regular calls (which I did not pick) and text messages ranging from “You’re mine baby” to “I hate your guts”. They eventually stopped coming and I never heard from her again.

Why did I suddenly remember this story? I was watching Africa magic yesterday and I though one of the actresses look familiar. I did a double take when I recognized the face. Lo and behold, Gina has become a Nollywood actress. Go figure. All that drama had to be useful for something. I’m glad she’s doing well and applying her “crazy” to something productive.

What is the moral of my story? Be careful who you choose to let into your life. Some people are obviously disturbed but others show no signs until you’ve let them in. Get to know the people you hook up with before letting them know where you live. I should write a book about my crazy dating experiences. Would you guy’s buy it?

Let me know what you think in the comments section and please do share your own experiences with the house.

Till next time on NB’s Diary.




Author: 9jaDad

First time father, loving husband and awesome agripreneur

18 thoughts on “NB’S DIARY: A THIN LINE”

  1. There is one that I haven't even seen physically but he keeps sending funny messages like let's meet up and you will pay, I will reimburse you, to have you ever thought of marrying me. I am like nigga I barely know you dats crazy signal right there to me.


  2. Ah! I have had my fair share of crazy and so I decided to take a break. Thats how 2015 passed and I did not seize the bae abi bae did not seize me, either way there was no seizing. To your point though, there are a lot of nut jobs out there especially here in America, it is important to be careful.


  3. Ah! My sister don't let 2016 pass by too o. Position yourself to be seized abeg. Crazy will always try to sneak in but as long as you're vigilant you will weed them out. We cannot come and give up just because of some nut jobs.


  4. Lmaooo this is too funny. I have had my fair share of crazy abeg. I should write a book too. Crazy has always had a way of finding me. A lil crazy now and i'm gone please. Who crazy don epp?


  5. Nawa oh… I actually spontaneously said a prayer…"Lord help us! and cure us from issues trailing us" cuz mhen, the babe didn't even know she had issues..thats worse!That's how a friend of mine told me a story of a crazy babe too… make I nor judge, if not for renewed minds, some of us for graduate to this kind of level…And on the seized bae, don't spill abeg, just share here when invites come out. I wee attend. Shey it wee be in king's court? *winks


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