Police, Marriage, Baby & Edible Gardens

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning”

“It’s nice to meet you sir”

“It’s not nice to meet you o!”

“Haba sir, I’m only being polite”

“Then why are you people hiding in koro koro (secluded corner) like you’re looking for victims to pounce on?” Continue reading “Police, Marriage, Baby & Edible Gardens”


Wedding Prep (NB’s Diary)

Come o! People! You did not tell me wedding planning would be like this na. All you married people on here have been deceiving me this whole time. All I get to see are the pictures of beautiful brides and dapper grooms who are all smiles like they have no care in the world. No one tells you about the rough underbelly that is called wedding planning. If someone told me that I and my bride-to-be would be bickering so much this close to our wedding, I would have said “lai lai!”. I now know better. Continue reading “Wedding Prep (NB’s Diary)”

NB’s Diary: I’m Back! Again!

Yeah I know it’s been a minute and I hope y’all missed me as much as I missed you. I just needed some alone time. The kind where it was just me and God for a couple of weeks. Let’s just say I was on my own version of the mountain for a bit. Before I continue, I need to say a big thank you to Atilola, Vivian, NaijaSingleGirl, Olasibo, Certified Son of God and so many others for reaching out when they noticed my disappearance. Continue reading “NB’s Diary: I’m Back! Again!”


It has come to my attention that I have not posted anything anything about my love life, past, present and future, in a while and so it is time for another dating related episode of NB’s Diary. Brought to you by “Bae: Successfully seized before 2015 ended.” Yes folks, you read it right. NB is taken and that is all you will get out of me for now.

So I came here today to tell you about a girl I went on two dates with back in the days when I was still meeting the “not so mentally stable” ones. The kind we saw in the movie “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. Continue reading “NB’S DIARY: A THIN LINE”


I’ve tried resolutions in the past since they seemed like the thing to do at the beginning of the year and everyone was doing it but they’ve never worked for me. Last year, I tried to just focus on a single word and that got cumbersome, too. A few months ago, I thought I’d just key in on a few key  strategic goals for my life in 2016 and do something each day toward achieving them. But those started to seem daunting, so I backed off.

All this coupled with the fact that I often don’t like to put my major hopes and dreams out into this world for all to see means that despite the yearnings inside of me, I sometimes tell myself to step back a bit. Continue reading “NB’S DIARY: IT’S 2016”


So 2015 came and went and I’m still standing. What a year!
I gained so much and I lost a lot along the way but one thing has been constant throughout. God’s plan. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING that happened to me in 2015 was leading up to a spectacular ending to the year. I have cause to rejoice over how the year ended even though the devil tried one last desperate time to make sure I came away with nothing. Everybody say “the devil is a monkey”. Das right!

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Just when you think you have a handle on something, leave it to life to throw you a curve ball. Something happened on Monday initially made me rethink my mindset when it comes to having kids. I have to give it to parents. They’re the true MVPs.
My nephew was circumcised on Monday and I don’t know who the experience was more traumatic for, him, or the four adults surrounding him.
He and his parents got back from the hospital around 11 am and it was non-stop petting, feeding and bawling for the next two days. You see the baby in the picture above? Compared to my nephew, that one might as well be laughing. Every time the poor boy urinated, the whole neighborhood would vibrate with his crying. He suddenly seemed to be twice as loud as he usually is. Continue reading “NB’S DIARY: BABY TRAUMA DRAMA”


uber lagos
Uber is bae.
You see, last week I went out to run some errands and I arrived at Ikeja City Mall in a yellow cab with no air conditioning in this Lagos heat. I was sweaty and my perfume had lost its effect due to all the dust and exhaust fumes I had been exposed to. At some point, I stopped at the food court to grab a bite and I noticed a lady checking me out from a distance. It must have been the beard (I hear some ladies think beards are to die for but what do I know?). Anyway, I made the mistake of closing the distance between us so I could make sure she was actually checking me out and see if I could introduce myself (big mistake). She immediately noticed my disheveled state and the sweat stains on my shirt and as if that wasn’t bad enough, my phone rang and she saw the angry looking Samsung grand I was using. Needless to say, she immediately lost interest. In fact, she changed her mind about eating at KFC and moved to another restaurant just so she wouldn’t be near me. I couldn’t even cry for myself at that point. I just jejely used style to order my food, pay and proceeded to eat in the most secluded corner I could find (in case she came back with her friends to show them the zoo exhibit she had just witnessed).

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NB’s Diary: My Blind/Double Date Experience

blind date
I read a post on NaijaSingleGirl a few weeks ago that brought back memories of dates gone wrong. I just had to comment on the post and ended up narrating a bad experience I had. The comment was as long as a post on its own. Anyway, I have come here to narrate another one of those bad experiences for those who believe bad dates only happen in Naija.

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Keeping Baby Girl Safe

Keeping Baby Girl Safe
There was never a moment when I stepped out with Baby Girl to a party and regretted it. We had nothing but good times. But whenever we hit the town, I felt an extra amount of pressure to be aware of our surroundings at all times and keep her out of any uncomfortable situations.
This was not because of how she acts. Anyone who has been around her knows she doesn’t call attention to herself. This comes with the territory of being a man. (By the way, Baby Girl is an ex girlfriend who happens to be the most physically attractive girl I’ve ever dated. People always wondered how I snagged her and to be honest, I saw her as being wayyy out of my league for the longest time)
From the days I was a young boy with an even younger sister to look out for, I have understood it as my duty to always be on notice when out with a woman. My cues came from watching my mom and dad walk alongside each other in public spaces. Even if they had just been arguing with each other, once out in the world, around others dad always stayed close to my mother, allowing very little space between him and her and sending a clear message to any man who may have been staring at her from afar.
Now I find myself doing the same thing with any girl I date and with good reason.

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